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Building excellence in our community requires collaboration with other organisations, websites and Government agency. We have provided this page to showcase a range of useful links which support of public works profession.

Asset Benchmarking Survey

Roads and Transport Directorate (RTD) Asset Benchmarking Project

The RTD’s Asset Benchmarking Project is underway and will provide information about the:

  • value and performance of regional roads and bridges controlled by local councils in NSW

  • shortfall in funding required to bring these assets to a satisfactory condition, and;

  • level of practice for managing regional and local road and bridge assets.

Importantly, the data collection stage has commenced and can be accessed through the below portal

To help you through accessing and using the dashboards, please access the below:

**We highly recommend using these resources to ensure ease and accuracy of use.

This project is highly valuable in supporting advocacy at a local, regional, state and national level and we look forward to your participation and completion.

If you require any further advice or support, please contact us.


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